About Plurawatt

Sunlego Enerji Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established in 2009 as an R&D company in the renewable energy sector and started its module factory investment in 2012. After the completion of the facility and the preparation of the necessary studies, Sunlego Energy Systems Inc., brought a new breath to the solar energy sector of Türkiye with the Plurawatt brand in 2013 with an assertive position in the field of PV module production with its experienced and visionary management staff and annual capacity of 600MW.

Unlike many brands, Plurawatt only produces panels with its two facilities located in Ankara. In this way, it spends all its efforts to produce the most efficient and high-tech panels. Thus, in addition to offering high-efficiency panels to its customers, it stands out as a dynamic brand in an ever-changing sector by improving its facilities and perspective.

Our company through the eyes of our colleague;

Sunlego Energy Systems Inc. Since the first day I joined the family, the patience, guidance and helpfulness of the management and engineering staff shows how lucky each employee who joins this family is. The vision of the management team, combined with the experience of engineers who are experts in their fields, turns into an incredible opportunity for each new employee who joins this family and especially wants to improve himself. As of today, our factory, which converts solar energy into electricity with its versatile photovoltaic panels, and provides an annual production of 600 MW, carries the Plurawatt brand forward day by day with all its employees thanks to this working environment. By applying the latest technology with the automation systems used in the production line, the necessary improvements are made in the production line by closely following the innovations that are developing day by day in the sector. All these technological improvements are not only on the automation systems, but also keep the knowledge of the employees in the sector up-to-date by learning the working principle of each station. Compared to its competitors, its customer-oriented sales activities make the Plurawatt brand very valuable with its high efficiency, reliability, timely delivery and cost-effective installation opportunities. Sunlego Enerji Sistemleri A.Ş. maintains the vision it has determined since its establishment in the best way with all its employees, continues it in a visionary, innovative and successful way in the solar market, and makes the Plurawatt brand a leading company in the sector with its ever-increasing customer portfolio.