DC For all your photovoltaic projects, where high capacity of energy requirement is a concern.
AC PV Modules features micro inverters to meet the energy requirements in homes and offices.
Easy to use even by only itself, thanks to its plug & play microinverter technology.
Perfect energy source for boats and caravans.
Always Ready 2GO!
Off grid solar system solution for all your energy demand where there is no grid.
Multiple solution for green energy that can operate from solar modules, batteries or grid.
Meets the energy requirement in your crop fields, mining fields, worksites and even an emergency power source in natural disaster areas.
Provides efficient and innovative solar system solution to irrigation applications where high power is needed.
Provide all your garden, street, road and facility lightings from the sun.
With silent skills and green technology, steps in as your energy source when there is a power failure.
Special fittings, manufactured by Plurawatt that are used in the assembly of Plurawatt PV Modules.
Plurawatt Life Lithium Batteries provide high quality energy in every field to your need.

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